Welcome to Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia

Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia is a supportive group of clinical dietitians committed to helping Australians reverse sleep apnea and take back control of their lives through personalised nourishment and movement programs and online 1-on-1 support sessions.

Simple, Sustainable Solutions based on clinical, scientific evidence.

Founded in May 2021, Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia was formed to help everyday Australians combat the growing epidemic of sleep apnea. With so many apparatuses pushed on individuals to manage sleep apnea, Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia addresses the problem direct by providing simple and sustainable solutions based on clinical evidence.

Combat sleep apnea, lose weight and gain energy and confidence.

Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia has a unique philosophy approach to health and wellness.
Our dietitians provide evidence-based solutions based on science.
Science shows us how to lose weight, gain energy and reverse sleep apnea.

Mindset. Movement.
Nourishment. Accountability.

At Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia we focus on four interrelated components that work together to improve sleep quality: mindset, nourishment, movement and accountability. It’s only through addressing all four aspects can sleep apnea be truly defeated.

We do not push rigid diets or excessive exercise in our program as “one size fits all” plans do not work, nor do they reflect individual needs.

Why Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia is different.

One on one support with our dedicated coaches is what helps clients improve sleep quality and reach goals. All clients receive a detailed custom program personalised to their individual requirements.

Our coaches will collaborate with you to build a custom plan that together you can agree upon. Each month, your plan will be adjusted accordingly to suit your needs, so that it is progressive and delivers the best results.


I have found my health has improved, I have new habits now which will stay with me for live.- Di

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