An image of Brianna

I could no longer look in the mirror…the reflection was upsetting and I hated what I saw.

It was as if overnight, I had become who I NEVER wanted to be…

See I had grown up in a home where ‘healthy eating’ and exercise were NOT ‘the norm’

My mum (who was my role model) was overweight and had type 2 diabetes.

Yes – I loved her.

However she had EVERY EXCUSE under the sun to justify it too.

Lack of time

A slow metabolism

Sore knees

No energy to exercise and cook ‘healthy’ meals because she worked so much

I get it now…

Being a mum is tough — I’ve got 3 teenage daughters of my own.

Sheesh, I heard it all though from mum growing up.

Despite that I loved her – I never wanted to ‘become her’ if you can understand why…

Sadly for me though, I grew up in the image of my role model…

My mum.

The result?

I was always the unfit girl at high school – I dreaded athletics day, swimming carnival and PE sports.

Any school outdoor activity spotlighted my inability to keep up.

They say the battle with our health (and weight) is ‘nature vs nurture’.

And yes… I wanted to ‘be more’…

It seemed though that my environment had been a bigger influence on ‘who’ I was becoming rather than ‘who’ I wanted to be at the time.

But it gets worse…

Because I had put on so much weight in my adolescence due to a lifestyle I was leading because of her example…

That lifestyle ‘stuck’ and by the time I was a grown woman and married…

And after giving birth to 3 beautiful girls…

I was 30 kilograms too heavy…

Years on…

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

On top of that I was chronically depressed, on medications for ‘diseases’, lacking energy and found myself ‘hating who I had become’

“I never wanted to be her” — BUT I had become her.

I had EVERY excuse too why I was, they way I was.

UNTIL I stumbled across Defeat Diabetes Australia one day on Facebook…

The video I saw gave me hope.

After booking my initial ‘discovery call’ with one of their friendly coaches…

They sent me a webinar to watch leading into the call…

After watching it… that’s when I understood why I had struggled for so many years with my weight.

More importantly… What NEEDED to change.

Since then, I have dropped 23kg 😳 and adopted a lifestyle that I will teach my 3 daughters to lead.

The best part?

My HbA1c test recently showed i’m back in normal ranges 🥳

See I had ALL THE EXCUSES too until I realised that all I needed was one ‘excuse’ as to why I had to change…

I found it… my daughters.

I wanted to ‘break the cycle’ of type 2 diabetes and ill-health in my family.

And I did it.

Thanks to Defeat Diabetes Australia.

Yes – my family have ‘nature’ against us due to our family history but one thing is for sure now…

I’ll be nurturing them in the right way to break the cycle.

You can do it too.

When you join they’ll reveal…

✅Why cutting calories alone ISN’T enough

✅How exercise can be ‘medicine’ to help you balance out your blood sugar levels

✅The simple 6 step scientific steps that guarantees results

✅Plus much MUCH more.

Getting in control of your type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be hard or take over your life.

Let them reveal how simple, quick and easy reclaiming your health can be.

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