An image of Clayton

Clayton has been a high achiever all his life.

Attaining multiple degrees and building a thriving business are just some of his notable achievements to date.

The thing is…

‘Success’ often comes at a ‘price’.

See by the time Clayton had reached 45 years of age…

He was already on more medications every day to manage his health.

Clayton had issues with:

Type 2


High cholesterol

Yes – this meant that Clayton was classed with ‘metabolic syndrome’ (that is NOT good).

He realised that despite all the ‘success’ in others areas of his life…

That he was failing in the most important of all… his health.

And that was a ‘price’ Clayton was no longer willing to pay.

When he joined the Defeat Diabetes Australia – 26 Week Challenge he made a commitment to himself…

What was it?

That he would commit to ‘investing’ into his health daily so that as the years went on that he could enjoy the fruits of his ‘success’.

What did he have to do?

1. Some simple lifestyle changes

2. Implement daily exercise

3. Improve his nutrition

All of those things were tailored for Clayton by his personal coach…

And it worked.

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