An image of Gemma

Growing up I just wanted to ‘be thin’ as many young women do…

How could you blame me when every issue of ‘Dolly’ or ‘Girlfriend’ magazine presented a young beautiful size 6 woman on the front cover.

(Geez… imagine how young women feel today within the world of social media. 🥺 )

As a result…

I struggled with more than my weight growing up.

It’s taken me years to get the courage to talk about it…

…but I struggled with severe depression and anxiety after what I would see on the scales every morning.

This obsession ruined my ‘head’ and my life.

The torment I would feel every morning before I jumped on that scale was debilitating as you could imagine.

If I had put on weight, the self-loathing was intense.

My response was even worse…

In a nutshell I would avoid eating for as long as I could only to eat it all back with all the wrong foods when the hunger become ‘too much’ to handle.

And so this cycle went on for years…

…and yes – you guessed it… I ended up very overweight, unhappy and unhealthy.

See I never had the education to teach me any different.

I tried it all though…

Fad diets

Low carb

No carb

High protein




And I even tried a vegetarian diet recently…

NONE of these things were sustainable at all and ultimately ‘healthy’ for me long term.

See with age, my priorities have changed.


Yes I want to be healthy and not ‘thin’ anymore…

More importantly I want to get rid of my type 2 diabetes and give my body EVERYTHING it needs to thrive.

I no longer obsess over the scales.

I measure ‘success’ by my hbA1c readings, how my clothes fit, how well I perform in my daily workouts and how much energy I have to do activities with those that I love.

How did this happen?

Lucky for me, when I met the team of dietitians at Defeat Diabetes Australia it all changed for me.

Their science backed approach is easy to follow… and sustainable.

However more importantly with their education I have learned about nutrition and how to balance out my menu so that I don’t have to go without the things I enjoy from time-to-time like:

🤩 cheese
🤩 wine
🤩 pasta

Oh, and the best part?

I’m now in THE BEST shape of my life, on less medications and I eat a little chocolate daily. 💃🍫

They describe it as ‘flexible nutrition’.

It’s focused on whole-foods 80% of the time with 20% allowance for ‘sometimes’ foods.

Yes, I’ve learned more about, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition overall.

It works.

The BEST PART is that they provide the education to teach you how to think independently overtime so that you know how to keep your menu interesting and enjoyable.

I now look and feel great.

Tap the link below to find out how I did it, along with thousands of other Aussie women just like me:

Tap this link>>> [LINK]

When you join we’ll reveal…

✅Why cutting calories or ‘carbs’ alone ISN’T enough

✅How exercise can be ‘medicine’ to help you balance out your blood sugar levels

✅The simple 6 step scientific steps that guarantees results

✅Plus much MUCH more.

Getting in control of your type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be hard or take over your life.

Let them reveal how simple, quick and easy reclaiming your health can be.

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