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“It was like a punch to the face when she walked out on me after 19 years together…”

Not long after we were divorced and then severed all ties except for when we had to attend events with our 2 adult kids.

It all went downhill shortly after that… my health took a real hit.


I suppose I just stopped caring and struggled to adapt to being on my own.

It wasn’t easy.

Poor sleep


Fast food

A lack of exercise.

These things took their toll.

Before the separation I already had type 2 diabetes and other complications with my health…

It just got much worse with time.

About 2 years later it dawned on me when I saw myself in the mirror one morning…

I was now not just unhealthy but I was…. unhappy.

Yes – at that point I realised that I has 2 options.

I could:

1. be the ‘victim’ of this situation

2. be the ‘victor’ of this situation

I choose option 2.

See – It was no ones ‘fault’.

These things happen in life but how I respond going forward is what matters most.

Ultimately I didn’t want to be alone.

Yes, health is a priority to me.

But being in shape and finding a new partner was my focus.

Sadly, that was a goal that I couldn’t achieve looking and feeling like it did.

Luckily, one day I came across Defeat Diabetes Australia.

Their team of evidence-based dietitians and coaches changed my life.

They showed me I didn’t have to go to extreme measures to get into shape…

And that kicking my bad habits was not only possible, but easier than I’d ever have imagined.

Just months later my body and life did a complete 180.

My old clothes fit properly again…

And I actually feel “good” — waking up looking forward to each day instead of dragging myself out of bed.

Yep – you guessed it… I have now met someone special.

Defeat Diabetes Australia has helped thousands of blokes reclaim their body, confidence, and life…

All thanks to easy lifestyle changes and simple education on the body and nutrition.

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