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My type 2 made getting in shape a massive challenge. I’d do well for a week, then fall off the wagon for a day or two.

Nothing crazy — maybe a couple of ice creams or doughnuts. But it was enough to affect me.

Then I’d have to get back on the bandwagon to keep my levels under control.

It was stressful and a huge emotional rollercoaster.

And I’ve gotta admit, I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror.

Not only that, but when my sugars were erratic, I was crazy thirsty…

Which meant I drank a lot of fluids…

Which meant I was up all night peeing.

(R.I.P sleep).

I knew my struggles stemmed from bad habits.

But I just couldn’t keep away from lollies and fast food, no matter how hard I tried.

And I HAD tried. Things like…


Cutting out sugary foods.

And even keto.

But I could never stick to anything.

So the scales kept creeping up.

Luckily, one day I came across Defeat Diabetes Australia.

Their team of evidence-based dietitians and coaches changed my life.

They showed me I didn’t have to go to extreme measures to get into shape…

And that kicking my bad habits was not only possible, but easier than I’d ever have imagined.

Just months later my body and life did a complete 180.

My old clothes fit properly again…

And I actually feel “good” — waking up looking forward to each day instead of dragging myself out of bed.

Defeat Diabetes Australia has helped thousands of blokes reclaim their body, confidence, and life…

All thanks to easy lifestyle changes and simple education on the body and nutrition.

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