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“Sorry dear, Nanna’s too tired to play”. It made my heart ache using this excuse every time my granddaughter wanted to play. I mean it wasn’t a lie… but it wasn’t the FULL truth either.

Because the total truth is I had type 2 diabetes and was way out of shape.

That’s why I had no energy.

And sure, I’d tried all the usual stuff to do something about…

Cutting out wine, cheese, and chocolate.

Giving up carbs.

Swapping meals for shakes.

But nothing gave me lasting results.

And who wants to completely give up wine and chocolate anyway, right?

So I was at a loss about what to do…

I wanted to be this active, fun nanna…

But my body and brain wouldn’t allow ito.

Thankfully I discovered Defeat Diabetes Australia.

Their approach was so simple yet effective that in next to no time I’d regained my body and energy.

I was able to play with my granddaughter for hours…

I felt like a better role model for her…

And unexpectedly, my clothes looked and felt better on me.

I even regained the confidence to wear bathers at the beach in summer again.

I was stunned at my results.

But I’m not the only one who feels that way…

Because Defeat Diabetes has now helped thousands of Aussie women just like me…

Helping them take back control of their body and life.

Without any silly diets, potions, or pills.

Instead, they use small and simple lifestyle changes that had a huge impact on my life.

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