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Smashing my goals with the help from Miyagi
I have found the experience with Miyagi very positive, supportive and productive. I have been guided and transformed into who I once was, a passionate and positive person. I can see where I am heading and smashing my goals. My last goal is to run a half marathon in my home town this November.
I have been given all the tools to read and use and can’t think of how I could do my new lifestyle without the guidance of Miyagi.

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It takes two!
I really enjoyed my one on one’s with Zeenia. I found her to be supportive, helpful and encouraging every step of the way. Her suggestions and tips were spot-on. Even though she was in 🇦🇺 and I was in New Zealand we were always able to make a time to meet, occasionally technical issues my end (crappy mobile reception) meant some meetings were via email, but she made it work.

I think the price charged by Miyagi is very high.

Kirstin Lucas
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I had yoyo dieted for years and wen i saw this opportunity come along i wasnt sure.so glad i signed on.coach georgia was an awesome coach who was always willing to help and gave me a long needed education on food in general.i used the support group on fb and while i didnt contribute it was another good learning tool.i went in with few expectations and feel like i left a winner.lost a total of 14kg and in the month after i hav lost another 6kg.just 10 more to go and il be where i want to be weightwise.cant thank miyagi and coach georgia enough.💖💖💖

Frances Scott
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Miyagi program
Miyagi have pointed me in the right direction, making lifestyle and nutritional changes for the better. The support from coaches and through social media helped me to keep on track and were always positive. I am much fitter after the program, and keeping up activity. I lost 10kg and feel a lot better about myself. A worthwhile program for anyone who wants to make changes.
Chris K
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Go For It! Miyagi is Marvellous!
I joined the Miyagi Program 12 weeks ago and I haven’t looked back. So far I have lost 10kg and 28cm accumulatively. I’m fully supported by my wonderful coach, Georgia, and feel healthy, knowledgeable and strong. Our weekly phone calls are friendly, informative, encouraging and motivating. The resources available in this Program are full of information covering a broad range of topics. This is a holistic, realistic and very do-able Program for a healthy lifestyle focusing on health, nutrition, physical health which has helped my mental health. I have embraced this Program and my new routine and habits have quickly become my new normal. The app is easy to use and the team at Miyagi are so friendly and helpful. The members on the Facebook Support Group are friendly, supportive and share tips and experiences. This is the best decision I’ve made for my health. Thank you Georgia and the Miyagi Team! 😀
Christel Miller
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This program has been my best decision…
The program has been the best decision I have ever made. I have lost 11 cm around my waist, but the awesome outcome is the happiness, self love and abilty to implement all my learnings into my day to day life. The coaching was enjoyable and played large part of this change in my mindset.

The program is a wonderful, holistic apprach and I recommend to everyone who has asked me about my change.

Again, thank you to the whole team that support the processes behind the program.

Natalie Porter
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Have really enjoyed the encouragement…
Have really enjoyed the encouragement and feedback.
The knowledge and sharing of ideas helped me understand my behaviour around food so much.
Thank you for this grand journey.
Lynelle Barrett
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I started my journey having already…
I started my journey having already lost 20kg, then put back on 5kg.
During my time with Miyagi, I have lost a further 3kg…i didnt hit my target of -10kg but I now have the tools to do this.
Thank you so much Laura and Zennia for being amazingly supportive coaches
Cheryl Williams
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I found this program was great my coach…
I found this program was great my coach Alicia was wondering gave me great information help me with ideas and was easy to speak to every week .I loved that you speak every week to keep you on track
Sherri Schulz
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a successful experience
I have had a successful experience thus far with Miyagi. I have certainly made sure I got the results I needed and committed myself to the program. I found a new love for food and acceptance of my bad habits that contributed to weight gain. I have lost a good amount of weight have wonderful energy and have certainly built up my level of fitness. I can see myself continuing even after the calls stop. The only set back is that I don’t have anyone guiding me in person. That would be my only negative.
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I have spent my whole life struggling…
I have spent my whole life struggling with my weight and food, but here I have learnt a better relationship with food, I now have all the tools to change my lifestyle for a better healtier me. I understand food better and appreciate the connection exercise has to a better me. I have loved every minute of my time with Katie who has gently lead me in the right direction and to Miyagi for the recipes, and all the other info in the members lounge. I would recomend this programme to any one who wants to make a new better life style for themselves.
Laura Wright
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The First day of the New me
When I read all about the program, I knew I wanted to join. Right from the very first telephone appointment I felt like a part of the Miyagi family and that made me feel that I was on the right track. What I really like and the most important thing is the communication has been 100% which makes it a lot easier to understand the process and today I received a lovely little gift from the Miyagi team. I can’t wait to really get stuck into the program.
Sharon Farnsworth

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