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Defeat Sleep Apnea
26 Week Program

A revolutionary science-based approach to improve sleep quality. Designed by Dr Ross Walker and delivered by our expert allied healthcare team.

Join 1000’s of Australians Defeating Sleep Apnea

Our team of clinical dietitians and coaches at Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia is here to help improve your sleep quality and give you a brighter future.

Start your journey to better health with Australia’s leading preventative health expert Dr Ross Walker

Dr Ross Walker is Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia’s Chief Medical Officer.  He developed the 26 week program in conjunction with our clinical dietitians and is responsible for overseeing and informing client results and dietitian practices.

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Why You’ll Love this Science-Based Program

Learn How to Lose Weight, Improve Sleep Quality and Feel Fitter & Healthier

Personalised, progress solutions based on scientific evidence.

Every person is unique! At Defeat Sleep Apnea Australia we recognise the need for every person to receive individual, personalised, solutions to improve sleep quality.

Expect regular one-on-one support with your coach as you work through a program designed specifically for your body, lifestyle, ability and goals.

Our Philosophy and Approach Encompasses

Four Critical Components to Improve Sleep Quality

Ready to Improve your Sleep Quality?

Book a FREE assessment with a member of our team to learn how we can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. This is an informal chat and an opportunity for you to learn more about our scientific approach to defeating sleep apnea.

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